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Pro Blogger: Add Pinterest Pins to OS 2.0 Themes
Sun, 21 Aug, 2022 at 10:04 PM
Pro Blogger: OS2 - Related Product Posts - Display Options and adding Post text to a Product
There are currently two options for Related Product Posts available. Each serves a different and specific purpose that allows you to maximise your blo...
Wed, 26 Jul, 2023 at 4:12 AM
Pro Blogger: OS2 - Install the Post Printer
This article details the steps to install the Post Printer feature for Pro Blogger. This feature provides a clickable icon that specifically targets the...
Fri, 17 Nov, 2023 at 9:13 PM
Pro Blogger: Managing Image Captions
Using Image Captions through Pro Blogger is incredibly simple. Log on to you Shopify store (if you havent already) via https://<yourstorename>.mysho...
Tue, 9 Aug, 2022 at 2:07 AM
Pro Blogger: Make Product Images Fill the Image Space
By default the Related Products option uses Contain to display images  Pro Blogger: OS 2.0 Theme - The difference between Image Display: Contain and Cov...
Sat, 10 Jun, 2023 at 11:50 PM
Pro Blogger: OS2 Related Product Post Keyword Matching
This is a new feature we have added to assist in getting more focused blog posts for a specific product. By specifying a keyword - we do up-front f...
Sat, 18 Nov, 2023 at 9:29 PM
Pro Blogger: Related Blog Posts [Video] - Vintage Themes
Transcription Today, I'm going to be talking about a feature of our Pro Blogger app called the Related Blog Posts, and what this does and how easy...
Sat, 14 Jan, 2023 at 3:56 AM
Pro Blogger: Related Product Blog Posts [Video] - Vintage Themes
Related Product Articles has been renamed to Related product Blog posts Transcription Hi, this is Russell from Low Fruit Solutions and today we gonna be...
Sat, 14 Jan, 2023 at 3:57 AM
Pro Blogger : Pinterest Integration [Video] - Vintage Themes
Transcription Hi, this is Russel from Low Fruit Solutions, and today I'm going to be demonstrating the Pinterest integration feature of the Pro Blogg...
Sat, 14 Jan, 2023 at 3:57 AM
Pro Blogger: OS2 - Getting Product Matches with your Posts
This article details how Products matches are found and can be setup for your Blog Posts.  The best way to learn is via demonstration - so we will be us...
Thu, 2 Nov, 2023 at 9:48 PM