Using Image Captions through Pro Blogger is incredibly simple.

  1. Log on to you Shopify store (if you havent already) via https://<yourstorename>
  2. This will take you to your stores Dashboard.
  3. In the lower left hand side you will see an option called 'Online Store'. Click on it
  4. It will expand to present further options. Click on the option titled 'Blog Posts'
  5. Select one of your blog post with images in it
  6. Within the Content section navigate through your blog to an existing image or simply add one to the content. For instructions to do that, click here
  7. Click on the image and then click on the 'Edit Image' option on the 'Content' task bar
  8. Add your Image Caption text in the input box under 'Image alt text'.
  9. Be user to include the following prefex "ic:" to your text so that it is displayed. e.g. "ic: Image Caption Feature"
  10. Click the 'Edit Image' button to complete the image editing.
  11. Finally save the changes to your blog by clicking on the 'Save' button
  12. Congratulations! You have just set your first image caption. If you now browse your blog it will display your image caption text below the image as per the below. Styling and size options are available from within the app console or via the Theme Customisation menu (OS 2.0 Only)