This is a new feature we have added to assist in getting more focused blog posts for a specific product.

By specifying a keyword - we do up-front filtering on blog posts before checking them any further. If they dont contain the keyword in tag or title then they are ignored.

For example:

Adding the keyword Recipe means blog posts must have one or the following present

Title word match

Tag match

As a dynamic filter - this option may also be linked to a metafield attached to the product.

Leaving blank will ensure no filters are applied.

Use the Keyword to also match to Posts

By default the keyword is only used to filter posts to then check for relevancy

As an example, you want to only show Recipe posts and also only those recipes that match the product itself.

This is the default - in which case this setting is for you.

If though - you want to use the keyword as part matching process. Then you can change this setting to as follows:

This would mean that any post that passes the filter would be eligable for display regardless of the additional matching criteria.

So using the previous example - now any post with matches to Recipe would be considered a match