There are currently two options for Related Product Posts available.

Each serves a different and specific purpose that allows you to maximise your blog post content within your product pages.

Related Post Slider

This option provides a traditional responsive slider containing a list of matching blog posts that are sorted from most to least relevant.

Its purpose is to provide links to a number of supporting articles to help drive buying decisions. For example Recipes, How Tos guides, Reviews etc etc

Simply add the slider in and tune the matching criteria.

Single Post Content

This is a specialised option to import the content from single blog post into the product template.

Its purpose is to provide direct information from blog post into the product template. Its best suited for instructional blog posts such as care guides or installation instructions.

The blog post selected will always be the most relevant post based on matching criteria. Using a keyword filter helps provide a very specific focus.

To adjust the content displayed within the slider we can use shortcodes in the post HTML markup.

The shortcode is   <!-- excerpt -->

A single copy will show all content after it and if there is a second copy (optional). Then only content between them will be displayed