We have designed our latest version of the Instant Brand Page to offer the best performance possible while still adding the extra features and functionality desired.

This has been tested within inventories into the hundreds of thousands products and with over thousands of brands.

For best performance its advised to follow these tips

  • Use Quicklinks only
  • Only Use cached scan data only for collection mapping
  • Dont use images from collections

These can all be managed from the application via the 'Settings' and 'Brands' tabs.

Use Quicklinks only (no collection mapping required)

if you will not be creating Collections for your Brands then turn off collection mapping entirely otherwise the page will make unnecessary dynamic checks every time it loads. The more brands you have - the more time wasted looking for items not there.

Within the 'Mapping Brands to Products' section, under the 'Map Brands to Collections:' setting - select the 'No. Use quick link only. (fastest). option.

This will default to using the format in the setting in the field below for all brand mapping.

Only use cached scan data for collection mapping 

For stores with significant numbers of brands and collections its best to use the Scan cache as the single source of truth. This will prevent multiple API calls for brands without a known match.

Within the 'Mapping Brands to Products' section, under the 'Map Brands to Collections:' setting - select the 'Yes. Only use scan cache. (fast). option.

Note: Cache is not dynamic and will only be updated when a brand scan is run. Click (here) for information on the Brand Scan

Use uploaded files for brand images

Relying on using the featured collection image introduces additional code and processing to check the collection dynamically via the Shopify API. 

This bypasses the scam cache and the overhead will degrade performance in stores with large inventories and possibly lead to a page timeout.

For best performance using images - upload a custom image to the Shopify CDN using the app UI.