The Instant Brand Page application gathers the following key information as part of its Brand Scanning process

  • List of all Brands
  • List of collections that match Brands
  • List of Brands with online store channel Product variants that are discounted
  • List of Brands without a single online store channel Product variant in-stock

This information is then stored in a data cache and used for better page load performance, higher quality of brand to collection mapping and fresh stock and sale detail.

How long does it take

The time taken to execute and gather this information will vary based on the number of product variants and the number of collections within the store. 

This can range from minutes to several hours for stores with hundreds of thousands product variants.

Checking if a Brand Scan is Running

Simply log on to the application UI - if the following message is displayed in blue, then a Brand Scan is in Progress. No additional scans can be submitted until the current one has finished.

If a Brand Scan is completed you will be able to see when the last one completed by the text next to the 'Scan Now' button. The message box will also change color based on the age of the last scan.

Green with the last 24 hours

Yellow if over 24 hours but less than 7 days

Orange if over 7 days but less than 30 days.

Red if over 30 days old - its ancient news!

When are Brand Scans run

Brand scans are run on install, manually (by the store owner) or by automatic application schedule.

Run Manually

To run manually simply click on the Scan Now button the Brands tab of the application.

Automatic Scanning

Automatic application schedule comes with the Premium and Premium+ plans 


The Premium plan provides all the same features as the Basic plan but also includes an automatic daily updated of the data cache. 

This plan is ideal for store owners who have a changing inventory and want their collection mappings automatically updated but dont need the more up to date information for stock and sale levels.


The Premium+ plan provides all the same features as the Basic plan but also includes an automatic update of the data cache every 4 hours. 

This plan is for store owners who have a rapidly changing inventory and need their brand lists to match the product stock and sale details in near real time. 

To change plans - please this article [here]