The Instant Brand Page application gathers the following key information as part of its Brand Scanning process

  • List of all Brands
  • List of collections that match Brands
  • List of Brands with online store channel Product variants that are discounted
  • List of Brands without a single online store channel Product variant in-stock

How long does it take

The time taken to execute and gather this information will vary based on the number of product variants and the number of collections within the store. 

This can range from minutes to several hours.

Checking if a Brand Scan is Running

Simply log on to the application UI - if the following message is displayed then a Brand Scan is in Progress

If this message is not displayed then a Scan has finished within the last hour.

When are Brand Scans run

App PlanScanning Frequency
StandardScans are initiated whenever the application is loaded as long as the previous scan has not completed less than an hour previously