In this latest version of the Related Products slider of Pro Blogger we now provide the option to dynamically choose what product properties you want to display, any single line metatfield values and the order of the display.

Standard Options

The following are the standard values for display

price = will display the product price

type = will display the product type

reviews = will display the reviews snippet for the selected option in the Product Ratings dropdown. 

vendor = will display the product vendor

Changing what is Displayed

Simply add or remove the text value for what you wish displayed. 

When adding, seperate with a comma

The display will be in the order of the text values.

In this example - vendor name, reviews and then price will be displayed. This is the default.

In this example - type and then vendor name will be displayed

In this example - only price will be displayed.

Using Metafields

It is also possible to use a metafield value from the product itself. The metafield type must be single line text for this to work.

Simply add the name space and key as a text value in the input field. Use format of name_space.key


To custom stye these displayed properties - use the following classes for an custom CSS








.pb-text-metafield.<key name>{}

As an example for the following metafied product.metafield.custom.short_desc - use the the following