The Instant Brand Page application has several options available to best suit your needs.

These can be seen and selected from the Plans tab of the application.

Plan Overview

Each plan defines how often the data cache used for mapping collections, product variant sale and stock levels is updated. Updated brand information ensures better page load performance and higher quality of mapping and stock and sale detail.


The Basic plan comes with all the standard looks and configuration but has no scheduled/automatic scanning option.

Data will be scanned at install but after that will need to be done manually via the Scan now option on the Brands tab. You can see how long since it was last run in the text next to the button.

The basic plan is ideal for stores who have little changes in their brands and are not tracking stock or sale information.


The Premium plan provides all the same features as the Basic plan but also includes an automatic daily updated of the data cache. 

This plan is ideal for store owners who have a changing inventory and want their collection mappings automatically updated but dont need the more up to date information for stock and sale levels.


The Premium+ plan provides all the same features as the Basic plan but also includes an automatic update of the data cache every 4 hours. 

This plan is for store owners who have a rapidly changing inventory and need their brand lists to match the product stock and sale details in near real time. 

Why 4 hours?

Due to product inventories commonly numbering in the 100 of thousands, it can take several hours to scan all products and their variants for stock and sale levels. 4 hours ensures enough time to complete the scan before the next one starts.

Changing Plans

To upgrade or downgrade a Monthly plan. Simply click on the 'Change Plan' button below the Plan you wish to change to.

Click on the Switch button on the confirmation modal. This will then launch the payment acceptance screen

Click Approve to accept the new charge and activate your new plan.

The application will launch again and you will be able to see your new Plan activated

Affiliate Disabled

The Instant Brand Page app fully supports free partner installations on the Basic plan only. Partner installs will see the following plan options with Premium and Premium+ plans not available.

These options will activate when the Shopify plan moves to a paid one.