This article details the process to manually disable the legacy installation of Pro Blogger where it is running on an OS2 theme.

All features are replaced within the new OS2 app block deployment - check this article

This step is only required as Shopify no longer allows applications to access the Assets folder in themes.

1. Goto your Theme admin and choose the 'Edit code'  option for your Current theme


2. Navigate to the 'Snippets' folder

3. Open the three snippets named below

4. In each snippet change the 'feature_enabled' value from true to false. As per below

5. Click Save to each snippet. 

The legacy related sliders will now no longer run and display.

6. The final step is to remove the version file so the vintage tabs no longer display within the application. Locate the 'pro-blogger.snippet.version.liquid' file in the Snippets folder and click on the trashcan icon.

7. Confirm you are deleting the right file and then click the 'Delete file' button.

8. All legacy sliders have now been disabled and the vintage tab display removed.

9. To add new OS2 features - proceed with this [article]