The purpose of this option is to allow for custom suffixes based on the app block being used. It allows for the easy creation of specific brand pages e.g. by gender, where existing product search filters support by in link parameters.

This is in addition to the universal quick link settings within the app and also applies to collection mapping. 

Remember - universal settings apply to all app blocks while this setting only applies to the specific app block it is added to.

For example:

Using redirect menus would require seperate collections for men and women


Using a compatible search mechanism there is no need for multiple collections as the filtering takes place on the collection page using a suffix parameter


Adding a suffix

Adding a new suffix can be done via the Theme customisation option for the following features - page, slider and icon.

Simply select a relevant app block and goto the Advanced Settings section

Then add the text value you wish to use or add a dynamic source value from a metafield

Now all brand links from this app block will have the following applied '&gender=male'.

Click save and repeat for other blocks you wish this setting on

Example Metafield

Here is a sample setting for use as a metafield 

Name: custom-filter

Namespace & key: instant-brand-page.custom_filter

Type: Single line text

One Value