The Instant Brand Page offers a quick way to link your brands to your collection page so that customers can navigate from their favourite brand to the products linked to it.

By default this link is <storename>/collections/vendors?q=<brand name>


This is a standard Shopify query that essentially says to the collection page - give me all products in collections where the vendor name equals 3M


This works fine in most stores but if you are using an after market collection filter then it may not have been designed to interpret the initial link and when you click an additional field it returns zero results.

This is because it doesn't append to the original URL but replaces it with an alternative.

For example

The original link is

Clicking the filer option results in

This fails as the original string is still looking for the vendor name but that has been replaced by sort_by which is not a valid vendor name.

The proper result should have been


However getting developers to change filter behaviours can be time consuming

The great thing is the OS2 settings we can customise the brand link so that it matches the filter and pre-loads the brand details and avoids the conflict.

To do this we first determine the new quicklink by going to the all collection link of our store


Then selecting a brand from the filter list

Checking the URL and we can see the part that has been added to filter on the brand name

Removing the store detail and the sorting this gives use the following value


We then replace the brand name with the a variable of %brand%


This will be our new quicklink

To add the new quick link - open the app and go to the 'Settings' tab and scroll  down to the Mapping Brands to Products section

Then within the Quicklink default field

Update to the new default and click Save

This will now ensure all default links to the collection template will pass the vendor name in a way that conforms with the search filter.