To add the new 'Posts by Author' app block to your theme has never been easier.

Use Application Deep Links

The easiest way to add the Signature app block to your default blog post template is to simply click on the deep link within the app.

Simply style to suit your theme and author and then click 'Save'

Add Manually

Open the Theme Customisation menu

Select the Blog template you wish to add the Posts by Author to

Click on 'Add section'

Select on the 'Posts by Author' app block

Use the 'Test Mode' to setup how you would like the profile to display for matched authors

Make sure you turn off test mode before Saving or you will only see the placeholder

How it works

This feature relies on loading a tagged URL to the blog where the tag equals the author name.

For example:

http://<shop URL>/blogs/<blog name>/tagged/<tag>

The app block will only display when <tag> equals the handleized version of a defined author name

For example: 


http://<shop URL>/blogs/<blog name>/tagged/low-fruit-solutions

The Author profile details for that author will then be loaded along with the list of all posts tagged with that author.

Adding the Author Name tags can be done manually or using the following features in the 'Assign to Blog' tab of the app.

Check the box to add tags to individual posts or choose the 'Tag all Posts Now' button to write the current values to all posts in the selected Blog