As part of the upgrade process to enable existing image usage in the OS2 theme extension blocks we transition the brand images from the local theme asset folder to the Shopify CDN.

This is to provide the best mix of performance and availability across themes.


In the majority of instances this is a smooth process however an issue has been found with uploaded files that have a MIME type of image/jpeg 

These png files are not native png and are simply renamed jpeg files.

On bulk upload to Shopify these files are interpreted by Shopify by their MIME type and are converted from png back to jpg.

The same issue can be duplicated when using a browser download tool such as the ImageEye add-in for Chrome.

As the instant brand page relies on png files this leads to images appearing to be broken when loaded in the new app blocks.


The resolution is to replace the image files with true png image files.

Converting jpg files can be done properly using online tools and image editing software.