In the OS2 theme version of Author Signature we have included the following option to control the display of the number of posts an author has contributed to and the option to link it to the blog page with a tagged as URL.

For example


NonePost count and links are not displayed
Show CountPost count is displayed but there is no link to the blog page
Show Count and Link to Blog
Post count is displayed and there is link to the Blog page for the post being viewed


The post count is the cumulative count of blog posts that the name is set as author to. This is not a dynamic count - and is refreshed whenever the Author Signature application is loaded

Link to Blog

Links as follows

https://<store name>blogs/<blog name>/tagged/low-fruit-solutions

'low-fruit-solutions' represents the handleized name of the author and the URL will ensure that the blog template will load all articles within it that are tagged with the author name.