By default using any of the 'Map Brands to Collections' option in the Instant Brand Page app will automatically connect your brand links to collections which share the same *handlized name

*handlized - is the URL friendly link name that Shopify creates. You can see this in the SEO name value or in the URL link. 

For SEO purposes it may not always be possible for both the Brand name and the collection handle to match.

There may also be a simple requirement to redirect that Brand to a seperate brand landing page or a different collection version for the brand e.g. 'Adidas Girls'

Instead of changing all brand links we provide a workaround solution that uses a navigation menu to substitute an individual Brands link.

To set this up - follow these instructions

Create a Redirect Navigation Menu

Create a new Navigation Menu of your choice. In this example we use 'instant-brand-page-redirect-menu'.

Add a new menu item - the Name must match the Brand name exactly as its displayed on the Brand Page. 

Use the Link option to provide the mapping to your custom link and click 'Add'. Make sure you save the Menu on completion

To redirect multiple Brands - simply repeat the process and add a Menu Item for each one.

Create a Redirect Navigation Menu

Open the Theme customisation menu for the Instant Brand Page or Instant Brand Slider or Instant Brand Icon and locate the Advanced Settings options

Click on the 'Select Menu' option and choose the redirect menu created earlier

Click Save - all brands that have matching entries in the redirect menu will now redirect to the custom links provided rather than the default mapping.