One of the major features of the new version of Slidey Bar is the ability to add 3rd Party App blocks. 

This allows you as the store owner to have a truly customisable side bar beyond the standard content blocks provided within Slidey Bar. The options are truly limitless

The key requirement is that at minimum there is at least one Slidey Block in the Section to create the bar.

If you dont want to add any Slidey Blocks then its possible to use the Slidey 3rd Party Block.

This is an empty block simply for creating a Slidey Section on that template. Its not needed if you use any other Slidey block.

Now simply add any other application block above this one

For best results make sure the placeholder is below the 3rd party block

Note - the button changer block that allows you to change the button text and color per template counts as a block. So you no longer need to have the 3rd party block applied