As Shopify moves to limit API access to a Stores theme resources it will become necessary to setup your own page template and assign it to a page of your choosing.

The bonus in this process is that you also have full control of the page naming and look and feel.

There are three steps to the process.

1. Create a Brands Template

2. Add Instant Brand App Blocks

3. Create a Brands Page

Step 1: Create a Brands Template

If you already have a page template you want to use then you can skip this step. Otherwise read on!

1. Open your Theme Customisation menu for the theme you wish to add the Instant Brand Page to.

2. Select the Pages option within the top Navigation

3. Choose the 'Create template' option at the bottom

4. Choose a name for your new template e.g. 'Brand Page'

5. Click 'Create Template'

Congratulations - you have just created a Page template!

Step 2: Add Instant Brand App Blocks

1. Within the new Page Template - Choose 'Add section'

2. Select the Instant Brand Page app block from the app list and click Save.

3. Configure options to style as you wish

4. Repeat with other Instant Brand features

5. Drag to re-order how you wish.

Step 3: Create a Brands Page

1. Within the Online Store channel of your Admin console. Click on the Pages option

2. Click the 'Add page' button in the top right

3. Give your page a new Tile e.g. Brands and then select the new template you created from the 'Theme template' drop down.

4. Click Save

Congratulations - you have now created a new brand page and added the template you created earlier with all your app block features

5. Click here to view your new page