The following article demonstrates how to add content blocks to the new section supporting (OS2) themes in Shopify

Important Note: To display the Slidey Bar and its content requires both the Embed enabled and a Slidey Bar section  content block installed. Click here on how to enable the Embed.

Open the Theme Customisation menu and go to the template you wish to add the content to

In this example case the Default Product template:

Then in the left hand pane - for a new Slidey content block, choose the 'Add section' option.

Then select content you want to display

For existing Slidey bar content - you will already have a section. So simply choose the 'add block' option to add to the Slidey Bar in that template

Then select content you want to display

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you add multiple sections containing Slidey Blocks then only the first one will be displayed.