Having a mid content related products slider is great way to expose your visitors to your products while they are reading your blog posts.  

To use this feature - your theme must be native OS 2 with the ability to 'Add block' to the blog post template. This looks as follows

If you only have the 'Add section' option then you will not be able to display the Related Products feature mid post.  For vintage themes - you can follow these instruction

Setup Steps:

1. Add the 'Related Products' block and drag above the 'Content' block

2. Set the 'Content' block to hidden 

3. Click on the 'Related Products' block and go to this setting

4. Check the 'Place Mid Post' option and click save.

Thats all done!

Slider Placement

The placement of the slider will be after the total number of paragraphs divided by 2 and rounded to the nearest integer. Paragraph is defined as </p> tag in the html post content.


4 paragraphs / 2 = 2 . So the slider will be placed after the second paragraph

9 paragraphs / 2 = 4.5 which when rounded is 5.  paragraphs.So the slider will be placed after the fifth paragraph

The Mid Content Paragraph Minimum setting defines how many paragraphs have to be found before it displays the slider. If the minimum isnt met then the post content will still be displayed without the slider.

Custom Placement

To override this placement - you can add the following in the html code of your post (done via Show HTML) option.

Then add the following in the html content after a </p> tag of your choosing

<!-- related products -->

The slider will now appear where the first copy of this tag is.