Matching accuracy is a setting used in Pro Blogger that determines how much time the app must spend to get the best matches for your blog post or product.

This option can be found here within Theme Customisation options OS 2 themes.

Each option changes the following settings

  • Items - the number of items reviewed. The more items (blog posts or products) we check the longer it can take but the more conclusive the result.
  • Relevance Checking - if the app will check for title, tag or author matching against the items.
  • Matching Enforcement - If there are no matches, then no results will be displayed. 
  • Result Ordering - Standard ordering is the most relevant (item with most matches on search criteria) first descending

Here is a table of the settings for each option:

OptionItemsRelevance CheckingMatching EnforcementResult Ordering
Fast20YesNoMost Relevant
Balanced100YesYesMost Relevant
Accurate1000YesYesMost Relevant

Each option has a recommended use case and processing speed depending on how many items and how many tags they have.

OptionSpeedSuggested use
RandomVery FastShowcase a random selection of products or posts where relevance is not important.
FastFastDisplay sorted results when there are no key matches on collection or product handles. Best used in combination with tagging collections.
BalancedFast -MediumTo cross reference products or posts with only tags/titles across a part of large inventory. Not as conclusive as 'Accurate'.
AccurateMedium - SlowTo cross reference products or posts with only tags/titles across a large inventory where you need the best matches.