Watch the video or follow these simple instructions - adding image captions to your blog post images has never been easier.


Here we have a standard image in a blog post without an image caption.. nothing to describe its place in the sad :(

Adding the Text

Adding the image caption text to you post image is done via the native Shopify blog post editing interface.

Simply click on the image and then click on the 'Edit Image' button.

This will launch the following menu which allows you to set the properties - including the Image alt text

To add the caption text - the Image alt text must follow this format

ic: <Caption Text>


ic: Image Caption - Happiness :) 

The 'ic:' part tells the app this is an image caption so it will display the rest. So add your text as per the below example and finish by clicking the 'Edit image' button

Repeat for any other images and click Save to finalise your post changes.

Add the app block

Navigation to a blog post template in your theme customisation menu and choose the 'Add section' option. Ordering and placement doesnt matter.

Pick 'Image Captions' from the Apps list to install the app block and Save your template.

Volia! You have now reached Image caption happiness

To customise click on the Image Captions block and style to suit

Thats it done! For more examples and alignment - see below