With Theme App extension part of the new Shopify themes such as Dawn its never been easier to manage the installation, look and feel of Pro Blogger's features.

No longer will you need to worry about inline code installation - its simply drag and drop and configure from one central place.

This article covers the basics in setting up and managing features.

First - is your theme OS .20 compliant?

When Pro Blogger loads it will display a different interface depending on if your theme supports the new architecture or not.

If you see this screen - then you are still on a vintage theme and will need to follow the normal install process

If you see this screen - then your theme is OS 2.0 compliant but running with a vintage install. You can upgrade to using the OS 2.0 part only by clicking the button. For full detail check this article here

If you see this screen - then congratulations! You have an OS 2.0 theme and are ready to add features

Adding Features

All features are now added and managed from your theme customisation window which you can find by going through this path or by clicking the link in the app

Then select the template (Blog Post / Collection / Product ) 

Click on 'Add block' 

Select Feature to add

To configure - click on the block to load the settings menu

To re-order the block - simply click and drag the block

To change the look and feel  - change the settings and click save.

To remove or hide - use the icons on the block

For additional reference - please see this Shopify article