The purpose of this solution is to demonstrate how you can create multiple custom brand pages that use specific collections as their source instead of the store.

This allows you to have brand pages that cater specifically to certain demographic or category of your store e.g. Menswear.

  1. Go to you collection and note the handle details - its the text after the /
  2. Now go into the theme admin and open the existing Instant-brand-page-v2.liquid file under the Templates folder - copy this text
  3. Now we are going to create the new Template file by clicking on this link in the left hand pane
  4. Choose these setting and then give the template a descriptive name so you can find it later. Click create Template
  5.  Now paste the content from the original template file into the new template file and add the following line above the current include {% assign collofinterest = 'mens' %} where 'mens'= your collection name.
  6. Click save and the go to your Pages admin and click on 'Add page'
  7. Give the page any name you wish and select the new template you created from the dropdown and then hit save

Now you will have a custom page that only loads brands from the collection of interest but still follows all settings from the application itself