Slidey Bar has Pro Blogger support built in from the get go

Which means you can easily get dynamic related Pro Blogger content in your Slidey bar without *any code installation.

* assumes you have installed Pro Blogger's universal settings already

Simply follow the instructions below to get the optimum configuration.

Pro Blogger Not Installed

  1. To get the app - click here
  2. You then need to do the General Install part - click here
  3. Then continued with the below

Pro Blogger Installed

  1. First remove any code you have installed for the sliders that you plan to use in Slidey Bar e.g.  {% include 'pro-blogger.snippet.related-articles' %} or {% include 'pro-blogger.snippet.related-products %} or  {% include 'pro-blogger.snippet.related-product-articles %}. This is because the sliders cannot exist in two places and the settings used for Slidey Bar are not optimal for use outside of it.
  2. Goto the Apps section of your Shopify Admin dashboard 
  3. Click on the Pro Blogger application
  4. Expand the Related slider (Related Articles, Related Products or Related Product Articles options) that you are planning to use in Slidey Bar - Please make sure they are also enabled/Green.
  5. Set the following options and click Save
    1. Slider Header - <empty>
    2. [Optional] Article Content Length (only for Related Articles and Related Product Articles) - 0 
    3. Slider Size - 3 (maximum 4)
    4. Items to Display - 1
  6. This will ensure that the Title text is imported from Slidey bar settings and that the slides are nicely displayed to the width of the Slidey Bar.
  7. To add a Pro Blogger feature into your Slidey Bar - click on the 'Online Store' sales channel in your Admin dashboard
  8. Then click 'Themes' and choose 'Customize'
  9. On the left click on the 'Slidey Bar' section
  10. Scroll down to the 'CONTENT' section and click 'Add content'
  11.  Choose one of the  'PB:Related Blog Posts' or 'PB:Related Products' or 'PB:Related Product Posts' options to add the Pro Blogger content
  12. Click 'Save' to commit changes
  13. Thats it - you now have great relative content from Pro Blogger in your Slidey bar!