Pinterest is without doubt one of the most lucrative social platforms available for marketing your products and content. 

The average transaction value for a Pinterest user is $50 and sets it way out in front of other platforms. Key Facts as shared by Pinterest and Shopify

  • The average order value of sales coming from Pinterest is $50 – higher than any other major social platform.
  • A major driver of online traffic: Pinterest is the #2 overall source of all social media traffic to Shopify stores.
  • 2M people pin product pins per day. That’s 20x more than there are daily shoppers at the Mall of America.
  • 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan purchases.
  • Orders from Pinterest on mobile devices has increased by 140% in the last two years, and orders from non-US countries has increased 130% from 2013 to 2014.

So what do you need to do to tap into this? Basically you want to create as much good content in Pinterest so that its users share and follow your content back to your site.

The average Pin in Pinterest gets shared 11 times!!!

The basic steps are as follows

  1. Setup your Pinterest Business Page -
  2. Verify your Site in Pinterest - Use the Pro Blogger application to help you do this. Refer here
  3. Create your own Boards in Pinterest - give them names that are meaningful to someone else seeing them. This will, along with great content, encourage them to follow your boards.
  4. Share your image content to those Boards by clicking on the Pinit buttons on your images - dont have them? then enable Pinit pins from the Pinterest Tab in the Pro Blogger application.
  5. Pinterest users can now re-pin/share your pins creating an ever growing net of links that point back to your sites content!
  6. Users clicking on those images will then also visit your site - offering further engagement and sales opportunity through things like Related Products - also a feature of Pro Blogger
  7. Users visiting your site can then also Pin your images directly to their own boards - your images will contain your metadata (rich pin) and link back to your site!

Rich Pin Support - this is now a must have for any blog syndication as it provides additional information into Pinterest for your Pin viewer. A lot of new themes include this but if not - enable via the Pro Blogger app. So in a nutshell - enable Pinterest capability, share Pins and watch that network grow into an ever growing funnel of potential customers!