Related Articles has been renamed to Related Blog posts

The purpose of this article is to explain the configurable settings available to you within the Pro Blogger application to manage the look and feel of the responsive slider of Related Blog Posts in your blog. 

It also assumes you have completed the Liquid Installation instructions

Getting to the Application

  1. Log on to you Shopify store (if you havent already) via https://<yourstorename>
  2. This will take you to your stores Dashboard.
  3. In the lower left hand side you will see an option called 'Applications'. Click on it
  4. This will open the Apps dashboard in the right pane. In the list you will see the 'Pro Blogger' app. Click on it
  5. This will open the up the app console as per the below.

Related Blog Posts

  1. Click on Accordion option labelled 'Related Blog Posts'
  2. Enable/Disable - The Master Switch. Turning this on (with liquid installed) will display the responsive slider and off.. well that will turn it off.

Relevancy Options

Here is where you determine the best logic to get the best match between your blogs and articles. For more detail on how this works - read here

  1. Settings - This changes the behaviour of the matching search. Fast will look at less matching options but is less concerned with accuracy. Accurate will look at everything but that takes time. Balanced is mix of the both.
  2. Tag Relevance - select the importance of having the Tags of other Posts match your Posts Tags. 'Dont Match' will mean this match is ignored.
  3. Title Relevance - select the importance of having the Title of other Blog Posts match your Post's Tags. 'Dont Match' will mean this match is ignored.
  4. Author Relevance - select the importance of having the Author of other Blog Posts match your Posts Author. 'Dont Match' will mean this match is ignored.

Slider Display Options

This section decides how your slider looks and behaves so you can fine tune it to the layout of your store.

  1. Slider Header - this the text above the responsive slider. It is a HTML input so you can style however you wish to match your theme. The default is '<h4>Related Articles</h4>' but if you wish it to say "Try Reading These?" simply change to '<h4>Try Reading These?</h4>'.
  2. Auto Play - This toggle will enable/disable the Slider from auto playing.
  3. Slider Size - This allows you to set the maximum number of items in the slider.
  4. Items to Display - This the number of items in the slider to display at once. If your Items to Display is less then your Slider Size - then the sliders will scroll. If you choose more or the same it will be fixed unless the screen size is made smaller than the slider width.
  5. Article Content Length - This setting allows the ability to define how much of the articles content you want to display in the slider under each related articles image.
  6. All Blogs Link- Toggles the display of a button link under the Related slider that links to the respective blog page .

Slider Tips

  • Use standard image sizes and shapes for your Blog Post featured images. This will ensure they look great and are not distorted!
  • For horizontal sliders its recommended to have a maximum (10) Slider Size and a Display number of 3-5 depending on your site display width
  • For vertical/side bar sliders its recommended to display 1 item and reduce the Slider Size 3-4. This prevents bunching of the scroll dots and looks cleaner.