Changing Themes in Shopify is like putting on a new suit. You get a new, more snazzy look thats more tailored to your current direction. 

So kudos to you for making the change! 

So what happens to the Pro Blogger features you had installed in your last theme? Well - Pro Blogger will still be installed but you will need to carry out the following steps to get the features displaying in your new theme.

  1. Login to the App console via the Apps section of your dashboard
  2. All the Features will have returned to disabled - Re-enable the Features that you wish to use
  3. Complete the Liquid installation instructions for the Features you wish to use.  Check to see if there is Cheat sheet for your new Theme (search this KB)
  4. You don't need to re-add Image Captions or Author substitution shortcodes - these will have not been impacted by your theme change.