The purpose of this article is to provide a Liquid installation cheat sheet specific to users of the free “Debut” Shopify theme. It doesn’t replace the more detailed install instructions available but gives you install pointers specific to this theme. The instructions assume that you are aware of the navigation required to edit the theme files listed below. If you are not familiar with these then refer to each of the more detailed articles.


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    1. After </div> on line 18 - add  {% include 'pro-blogger.snippet.related-articles' %} 
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    1.  After </div> on line 18 - add  {% include 'pro-blogger.snippet.related-products' %} above or below where you added {% include 'pro-blogger.snippet.related-articles' %}.


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    1. After the </div> on line 193. Add {% include 'pro-blogger.snippet.related-product-articles' %} 

Errors? Check your Syntax and enclose text with straight apostrophes

 Text inside the apostrophe should show as Green not Black