The purpose of this article is to provide a guide on the settings available to you in the Instant Brand Page application for Shopify. 


The article is broken down into three sections

  1. Page Settings
  2. Brand Page Style
  3. Favourite Brand Slider Settings

Page Settings

These settings manage which Brands are displayed within your brand page and how they are then represented in relation to those with custom images and discounted products.

  • Match Collections - Selection of this option will link brand images and names with an existing collection that matches the brand by name. For example: Brand "Levi Strauss" will be matched to any collection called "Levi Strauss". So when a shopper clicks on "Levi Strauss' in your brand page it will redirect them to the collection instead of the vendor lookup page.
  • Display Brand Images - Selection of this option will include an image for each brand in your brand page. The image source is carried out in the following order; custom image uploaded, matching collection image, matching collection first product or if no image, display no image image. For pages with significant numbers of brands it can be clearer not to display images.
  • Brand Image Size - The pixel size of the brand image in the page. For large numbers of brands its best to make smaller and for few brands - larger.
  • Out of Stock Brands - Selection of this option will include brands without stock in your listing. Brands that were previously without stock and are restocked - will be displayed automatically.
  • Discounted Brands - Selection of this cool option will highlight brands that have discounted Products. This will draw your shoppers to those brands.
  • Sale Icon Style - Three shapes to choose from: Circle, Rectangle and Square.

Brand Page Style

These settings control the overall look and feel of the brand page.

  • Page Layout - Pick the layout that suits the look of your store and number of brands
    • Horizontal - Grouped by starting letter into single row.
    • List - Grouped by starting letter and displayed line by line.
    • Vertical - Grouped by starting letter and sorted into columns
  • Vertical Columns - This setting only applies to when 'Vertical Layout' is used. Sets the number of columns used in the vertical layout.
  • Index Style - Sets the header style for the Index letter.
  • Brand Font Size - Sets the font size for the brand text.

Favourite Brand Slider Settings

These settings control the optional Favourite Brand Slider

  • Slider Header - The text and format for the slider header. Use standard HTML to change the format.
  • Brands to Display - The number of Brands to display at one time within the slider. The number of brands in the slider will be dictated by those favourited in the Brands list
  • Brand Name - Selection will include the text Brand name under the brand image.