You can ignore this now: This part of the install has now been automated and is only necessary if you are prompted in the application.

A short video to cover the once-off General install component that is a pre-requisite to all Pro Blogger features. This is also covered within every feature setup video so dont do it twice!


Hi this is Russel from Low Fruit Solutions and today we're going to be covering the general install portion of the ProBlogger application. This is a one time installation of code that you need to do, to enable all the features within ProBlogger. It's covered in each of the individual videos for those particular features, but it seemed to make sense that we break it out into its own little video, for those needing a little bit more instruction. So without further ado, let's get on with it.

We're just going to our Store Dashboard here. The first thing we want to do is click on Apps. Go into ProBlogger, obviously this is a UAT version because we're in a development store. Yours will not have the UAT in curly brackets. The first thing we want to do, is just enable a feature, to make sure all the files copied in, and the one we're going to enable is Image Captions because it makes no changes to the front-end, without you saying it. So this is very innocuous. Just going to hit Save, so it turns green. Files have been copied in. Now we're going to go the Install tab, and you'll see here's the general installation instructions. We're going to skip down to Line 10, and copy everything that's in this curly brackets. Include the curly brackets as well.

Then we're gonna click Online Store here on the left-hand side, we're using the debut theme, but really it doesn't matter, which theme you're on, this change is universal to all themes. Click on the Actions button, and then Edit Code. This will take you into the files that make up your theme. On the left-hand side under the Layout Folder, we're going to click on Theme.Liquid and you'll see right at the top here is a section called <Head>. Now it may be on Line 4 in your theme, or it may be on another line. But as long as you find this little piece of code, and then you give it a carriage return, and you basically paste in that piece of code, the {% include ProBlogger-Section-Wrapper %}. Make sure if you've typed it in, it's green. If it looks like this black, then it's not correct, it needs the single quote, and you hit save.

That is done. That's the universal installation completed for all the ProBlogger apps. Very quick, very simple. Obviously if you need any help et cetera, reach out to us via the options in the third tab, the Need Help tab, or send us an email and we'll more than gladly assist you with it. Thank you very much for your time.

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