Version 2 Released

We have listened to you our client, to bring some great new changes to the Instant Brand Page application.


We have made changes to our back-end infrastructure that will ensure better stability and performance when using the application. Especially relevant to stores with over 10K products.

Features! Features!

You wanted more features and customisation options - so here they are.

  1. Customisable Index Header - You can now use standard inline styling to modify the headers however you want
  2. Brand Text Display - Only want to display the Brand images and no text? Now you can!
  3. Scale Image to Fit - Will standardise your brand images to the same size and scale
  4. Add Slider to Home Page - The most requested customisation we get today. Now with a simple check of the box it is done.

We deliberately made this an opt-in only release so if you are happy with your page as is - then do nothing! But if you want to take advantage of these features then watch the video for guidance on changing your page template to the new version. As always, if you need assistance or any additional customisation then let us know